About Us

Principal contributors on the Afghanistan Documentation Project are Susana SáCouto, Director of the War Crimes Research Office and Professorial Lecturer in Residence; Billie Jo Kaufman, Associate Dean for Library & Information Resources, Professor of Law (Washington College of Law); Jason Moriarty, Washington College of Law Fellow; Felicity Brown, Special Projects Librarian; Patricia Gossman, Human Rights & Rule of Law Researcher; and dean’s fellows Tariq Ahmad, Marianna Boyd, Dean Dastvar, Emilie Kahn and Subramanya Sirish Tamvada.

The ADP was established in response to the absence of a central repository of publicly accessible and searchable information about human rights and humanitarian law violations carried out in Afghanistan since 1978. The main purpose of the Project is to collect and code this information, making it available to and easily searchable by human rights activists, civil society groups, transitional justice advocates, lawyers, policy analysts, and scholars – whether in Afghanistan or elsewhere.  It is a goal of the Project to make it possible for such actors to share their research through this site as well.

Who Are We

The Afghanistan Documentation Project is the product of a partnership between the War Crimes Research Office and the Pence Law Library of the American University Washington College of Law and the U.S. Institute of Peace. It was established to collect and create a fully searchable and publicly accessible database of documents regarding human rights and humanitarian law violations committed in Afghanistan since 1978.